by Empath



The idea was inspired by the Environments album series of the late 60s and 70s, which consists of 11 LPs of field recordings without musical accompaniment. Empath’s interpretation of the series includes two singles, Polyfoam and Only one, which dissolve into experimental sound and field recordings.
There is no A side or B side of the record. The 7” has two front covers each depicting a different scene. The group will have 50 limited edition test pressings for the upcoming tour. The center labels for the test pressings will be stamped randomly on one side, so the perception of what is the “a side” and what is the “b-side” will vary from record to record.

Empath is an experimental noise pop group from west philadelphia that formed in 2016


released July 23, 2018

The record was recorded in north philadelphia over two days in April 2018 by Shaun Sutkus and Daisy Ulrich. The two sides of the Environments 7” represent wind and water, respectively.

First pressing of 1,000

Released on Get Better Records 2018




Get Better Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DIY label.
trans/femme/queer owned and operated. for the queers, by the queers. no sexist, no racist, no transphobic, no homophobic, no apologist bullshit tolerated.


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Track Name: EMPATH - Polyfoam
You never wondered where I said I was from
Its complicated with no gratification i said I’ve been staying at a friends Working at taking better care of myself
guess let me know if I’ll see you around
i mean whatever I’m up and down
I know I don’t always make perfect sense
what I say I don’t want is what I really expect
I think im pretty when i cry because at least it’s like arriving it sure was fun when we climbed out of debt
still didn’t put a fitted sheet on my bed
i know that half the things i feel are a lie
so i got rid of meaning then i ate my mind

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