Apathy is an Institution


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released June 4, 2012

Recorded in two session at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC



all rights reserved


Get Better Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DIY label. for the queers. no sexist, no racist, no transphobic, no homophobic, no apologist bullshit tolerated.

Philadelphia, PA

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Track Name: Heterosexist Tragedy
Your misogynist attitude is too much to bear. That's someone’s child and you don't care. I hope you stay alone until your heart gets a little deeper. Because all humyn life is beautiful when you're not sitting on a throne. Young friend, I hope you think about your life. Don't end up doin' something you'll regret; you get no take backs. Old friend, I hope you found love in life, still dance and stay up all damn night. And scream the lessons you've learned. All friends, you better excommunicate those who will rape. Preach consent in our communities. All friends, you better excommunicate those who have raped. Safety in our communities. Don't touch unless you've asked. Respect in intimacy and set personal boundaries. Every humyn has the right to choose not to use you tonight.
Track Name: Punx (like Patrick) Rad (like Randi)//There Hasn't Been a Broadcast in 3 Days
I'm not ashamed. I’m not cool but at least I support change. I'm busy being free. What makes me strong makes you weak and you have the nerve to tell me how to live. You are a sheep in a wolves cloak and you like it. Go ahead and waste away. Go away. Because if all of this is fake, I still have friends and when I am forty, I'll be here with them. Thank you for thinking this is a trend. Punk for president until the bitter end.
Track Name: You Kill People Everyday
Is punk my saving grace? Or was it my own socialized up brining? What sets a person apart? Was I chosen? Is it personal confidence? There is one thing I cannot stand is when revolution is controlled by socialized tradition. There is one thing I cannot stand is when revolution is halted by cultural institutions. Question everything; reflection is a rebirth of thinking. Is being a steward to the earth really that complicated? Is being a steward to each other really that radical?
Track Name: My Immune System is my Doctor
A man named Alan Yurko was falsely charged and sent to live in prison for shaking his child to death. A charge in which has put 300 thousand Americans behind bars. However, his infant son was killed by an adverse reaction to a vaccination. Alan Yurko went to prison for life... The cover up was proven and he was freed. You are socialized in a false constitution of preconceived provided safety the corporate and collaborative powers do not have your best interest at heart. And I am the sensationalist... I'm the skeptic psychopath...
Heavy metals in our soil and fluoride flowing from your tap. These poisons make you pacified and flaccid. Yet I'm the sensationalist, the skeptic psychopath... Take one look at ourselves for once, we're a billboard that talks.
Track Name: Violators Will Be Prosecuted
The day that David Rockefeller bought the whole farm was the same as the day that a plant could save the whole world was hung by a petroleum noose. The saboteurs did a great job on burying this one. We all know the process equals profits and the solution is not an option. We all know the process equals profits and better living through science is a lie. A psychoactive compound serves as a rallying cry for a culture that denies an obvious saving grace. A plant that will save the world. (And the irony is) The Patriots that burn the bush don't even know their own smoke driven past.
Track Name: Home is the Heart of Florida
Only 500 miles away. Revolutionary dreams are not some child-hood fantasy these kids treat us like family. The scene is tied together with mosquito infested swamps and is united by the currents and tides. I commend this community for their inclusivity. We all need inspiration and to remember why we travel across the land. From the 165 to the tight house, we all know this peninsula can't drown in the sand.
Track Name: Along for the Ride
You can't deny your laziness, this "well" didn't dry up too quickly. You and I are nothing less than a faucet that's been leaking. Does this mean the songs that we sang were meaningless? Does this mean we have become as fraudulent as those we oppose? Well, we have grown without your help. And the pyramid isn't crumbling down. I can be the one to say you need to give if you plan to take. We don't need you. Obvious lies what were you trying to prove? I can see through the disguise, I can see the truth. I tried to love you and you gave into abuse. I tried to help you gave only an excuse... Explanation: This is about people that don’t care about the scene. Don’t care about anyone, but themselves. The cycle of support is vital to our subculture.
Track Name: For One Last Breath
Dear my beautiful wife and children, I'm sorry I have to leave you in this condition. For this company I must now suffocate. And I've never been so strong in my faith because this mountain's my grave. Please, bury me with the coal on my face. I'm sorry to subject you to a miner’s fate. I will forever hold this mountain up until the tractors come and start digging down. And rip the roof off my tomb in Appalachia. Don’t rip the roof off of my tomb in Appalachia.
Track Name: Warcry//Two-Faced and Fucked
How confident we have become as we bare witness to these false flags and smoke and mirror conspiracies. I wish you'd wake up please. We realize the motivation behind the digital bombardment and exile from nature is to drag us further from ourselves and closer to our graves (while we deposit as much interest as possible along the way) But, we fail to implement the key to victory they start with your wallet and ends with collective communities.

You hate everything you can't understand you're too afraid to be different, I'm sorry I'm not like you, if I were I'd hate me to, you follow the hand of pointed fingers, you don't know a thing about me, if I was a know it all just like you I'd be proud to say I don't know shit.
Track Name: Dreams for Industrial Collapse
We'll watch the buildings crumble and the roads corrode from our rocking chairs with the scent of flames extinguished by the fresh herbs growing at our feet. We'll hang above the floods in our hammocks and pick fruit straight from the trees. Using cash as kindling our savings are in seed. Unity with this earth means becoming a part of its system not just a resourceful outsider. Unity with this earth means becoming a part of its system not just a respectful outsider... Food not lawns. Organic permaculture not toxic agriculture. Community not consumerism. Sustainably it survival. Pesticides and herbicides are slow forms of suicide. Freedom starts with sowing your seeds.